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When All The World Is Cloaked In The Veil Of Fog

When all the world is cloaked in a veil of fog, The only sounds my heart delights to hear Is water dripping fromRead more »

Sand Is Like An Endless Sea

Sand is like an endless sea – It makes waves and ripples in the breeze, Stretches as far as the eye can see, Until theRead more »

You Are The Missing Piece Of Me

You are the missing piece of me, The piece I was always searching for – In the mountains high and oceansRead more »

You Are Here

You are here With me by my side Where the tides endlessly fall and rise You are here With me by timeless sea And thatRead more »

Walking on Sunshine

How hard it is to escape from places. However carefully one goes they hold you you leave little bits of yourselfRead more »

Arena Seminar: Waiting for That Moment

“I love photographing. It’s that simple.” Stuart Franklin Every year the Arena Photographers group,Read more »

Lover of Rain

Pluviophile A lover of rain;someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Collins Dictionary I love rain.Read more »

The Arena Members Exhibition

I am very excited to take part in the Arena Photographers exhibition at Young Gallery Salisbury. The exhibition startedRead more »

Landscape Photography Magazine: Winter Wonderland Feature

Today I found a nice surprise in my mailbox. One of my favourite winter images was published the Winter WonderlandRead more »

Day 366 of 366: Happy New Year

Finally the last day of the year in pictures. As we say in Czech “it was beautiful but it was enough”.Read more »

Day 365 of 366: You Are My Home

“When you touch my hand and your palm softly falls into mine The familiar chords we don’t know aboutRead more »

Day 364 of 366: Hold Tenderly

“Hold tenderly that which you cherish” Bob Alberti Last day in my home town – just a short walk roundRead more »

Day 363 of 366: Quiet Shopping Mall

Back in my home town and back to winter without snow. I went for a little walk down the memory lane and re-visited theRead more »

Day 362 of 366: Snow Angel

Our last morning in High Tatras was a very short one. Just breakfast and back to the coach to take us back to my homeRead more »

Day 361 of 366: Snowdrift Shadows

It only took one night and the winter wonderland was gone. In the morning I ventured out for another quick walk beforeRead more »

Day 360 of 366: In Winter Wonderland

I was following the weather forecast all week, and there was a promise of snow for Christmas Day. I was trying not toRead more »

Day 359 of 366: In the Mist of the Day

Christmas Eve is our main day when we traditionally celebrate Christmas. During the day we would watch fairy tales onRead more »

Day 358 of 366: New Life

Our first full day in the mountains was bright, sunny and warm. It was a glorious day for leisurely stroll around theRead more »

Day 357 of 366: Twilight Tree

We spent most of the day on the coach travelling to High Tatras. An unbelievable amount of traffic jams prolonged ourRead more »

Day 356 of 366: In the Spotlight

Back to my home time for a brief visit. My Mum and I are spending Christmas together, but not in Ostrava. Tomorrow weRead more »

Day 355 of 366: At Gate 41

“You know… the airport is the only place you can walk around with no shoes, a glazed look on your face, and sleep onRead more »

Day 354 of 366: Night Tide

The morning has not yet begun, the lights are low and the darkness prevails. The night tide is silently creeping in.Read more »

Day 353 of 366: Thriller

Martin and I are big fans of Star Wars, so we couldn’t possibly miss the Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story. WeRead more »

Day 352 of 366: Silent Willow

It doesn’t happen very often that we get a foggy day all day down here. Today was the day and luckily I got aRead more »

Day 351 of 366: Red Letter Day

On the first day of my holiday I finally got round to doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. Richmond is a perfectRead more »

Day 350 of 366: Christmas Market

I quite often walk across Leadenhall Market on my way to work and always admire its stunning architecture. It is one ofRead more »

Day 349 of 366: Tired of Waiting

Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go or the mail to come, or the rain to go or the phone toRead more »

Day 348 of 366: Start Each Day with a Smile

One of my best friends used to say “Look into the mirror and start each day with a smile”. I didn’tRead more »

Day 347 of 366: Gone to the Dogs

“For all its clodhopping architecture and occasional ambience of doom, The Elephant and Castle Shopping CentreRead more »

Day 346 of 366: Under the Apple Tree

Our days flew by so fast that we didn’t notice how quickly Christmas was creeping up on us. So we put up ourRead more »

Day 345 of 366: Break of Day

Break of day. The moment in between, when the night is not over and the day has not yet begun. Precious time ofRead more »

Day 344 of 366: Colours of the City

London Docklands is a modern commercial and financial district. Though extremely busy during working hours, there areRead more »

Day 343 of 366: Guardians of the City

I spent pre-dawn time by the imposing silhouette of the Thames flood defence. It was a breathtaking sight when the darkRead more »

Day 342 of 366: Misty River

What could be better than a morning by the river, when he sun has just risen, and it is not warm enough to dispel theRead more »

Day 341 of 366: Dawn over the Thames

I was really looking forward to a foggy morning. The weather forecast looked promising, so although I had to go toRead more »

Day 340 of 366: Evening Light on the Shore

I haven’t had much chance to get down to the coast recently, so I used a little bit of time before my talk at theRead more »

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