Connected Exhibition

“Connected brings together some of the most talented and passionate amateur and pro photographers across the UK. Connected unites the artists by their love of image making and being creative, its about vision and the creative spirit so disregards the formal pomp of status, stature, selection committees and competition.”
Connected Exhibition

Each year two great photographers, Rob Knight and Karen Knight put a lot of effort and hard work into bringing together photographers across the UK in a joint exhibition. It takes place in The Patchings Arts Centre near Nottingham and is on until the 21st May.

It is a wonderful celebration of love for photography that we all share, and an opportunity to connect people who only know one another in the virtual world of social media. It is also a celebration of a print. We see far too many images online and not enough printed and hung on gallery walls. There is no doubt that digital display can never do justice to even the most stunning image. The good people at Fotospeed, who sponsored the event and were present at the opening, know it so well.

The grand opening was a great success. All the displayed work is outstanding and I am really happy I got to meet many of those who are behind those beautiful images in person. I was also honoured to give a talk about my photographic journey and to share the stage with an amazing photographer Guy Aubertin.

A part of the opening event was a charity print auction for Van Geest Cancer Research Centre in Nottingham. If you couldn’t participate you can still donate via JustGiving website.

All in all it was a wonderful day of sharing, inspiration and fellowship, and I came back home with great memories and three stunning prints by fantastic photographers Valerie Dalling, Kevan Brewer and Karen Knight.  I can’t wait for next year. It will be a special one, as Rob and Karen will be celebrating 10 years of organising this event.

Connected 2016: April 23rd – May 21st

Connected 2016: Opening Day

Connected 2016 Opening

(Photographs by Vince Cater, Lamar Francois and Michéla Griffith)


Connected 2016: Charity Auction Prints by Valerie Dalling, Kevan Brewer and Karen Knight

Connected 2016: All Charity Auction Prints


Connected 2016: Exhibitors

John Ash

Guy Aubertin

Mike Barber

Matt Botwood

Darren Ciolli-Leach

Melanie Collie

Geraldine Curtis

Valerie Dalling

Melanie Davies

David Eberlin

Kev Fidler

Adam Fowler

Lamar Francois

Adrian Fretwell

Jon Gibbs

Michela Griffith

Collette Haworth

Glenn Haworth

Paul Heathcote

Neil Hulme

Helen Iles

Richard Kent

Karen Knight

Rob Knight

Graham Lawson

Paul Mitchell

Karl Mortimer

Dylan Nardini

Chris Newham

Chris Pattison

Lesley Peatfield

Vanda Ralevska

Robin Snelson

Damien Taylor

Karen Thurman

Nick Tsiatinis

Chris Upton

Dave Varo

Glenn Wakeford