Day 102 of 366: Weeping Muse

One of the great things about this challenge is that I seem to notice more than before. I can’t remember how many times I walked in the gardens on London’s Embankment, but I never noticed this beautiful statue until now. Sensual, feminine, and quite rightly described as “the sexiest statue in the capital”. It represents the Muse of Music weeping over the death of an English composer Sir Arthur Sullivan. The statue was made by Welsh sculptor Sir William Goscombe John.

Weeping Muse
Is life a boon?
If so, it must befall
That Death, whene’er he call,
Must call too soon.
Though fourscore years he give
Yet one would pray to live
Another moon!
What kind of plaint have I,
Who perish in July?
I might have had to die
Perchance in June!

Is life a thorn?
Then count it not a whit!
Man is well done with it;
Soon as he’s born
He should all means essay
To put the plague away;
And I, war-worn,
Poor captured fugitive,
My life most gladly give –
I might have had to live
Another morn!

William Schwenck Gilbert
The Yeomean of the Guard, an opera with music by Sir Arthur Sullivan and libretto by William Schwenck Gilbert

Spring has definitely arrived in the city. Just like that, overnight, and everything is covered with soft, fragrant petals. How nice to see London dressed in spring colours. Shame it is just for a short while.

Spring is in the AirSpring in the City