Day 113 of 366: Into the Unknown

I had a great day in Leeds castle where my friend photographer Sarah Medway had her exhibition One Year in 900. She has been commissioned to photograph the castle grounds for a year to build a library for their marketing material. The exhibition is in the Queen’s bedroom and bathroom, and is well worth seeing. Beautiful images in a beautiful setting.

I was very lucky that I was allowed to photograph this lovely staircase. The little corner caught my eye as soon as I entered the room. It is my favourite picture of the day. A reminder of having a great time with my friend, seeing some inspiring photography and taking a few pictures of my own.

The castle is full of little details and hidden corners. It has a very intimate and warm feel. You could almost imagine living there.

Castle Guard

The weather was just perfect for capturing movement of the stormy, foreboding clouds.

Footsteps of Time