Day 119 of 366: Mementos

Some days go so fast that I don’t even know how I got to the end of them. It was coming up to midnight when I realised that I am seriously running out of time for my daily picture. I spent the whole evening finalising my presentation for the private view of the Connected Exhibition on Saturday.

That made me think about my beginnings and how my journey through the photography world started with my first camera. It was just a snap happy 35mm Konica, a priceless gift from my Dad when I was in my teens. Till today it sits on my desk to remind me of that precious moment when I discovered what photography meant to me. So it was time to take a picture of it together with the few pictures I have of my Dad, one of which I took with my Konica. The only one I have left of him the way I remember him. All I have left of him are a few mementos: photographs and the camera; few memories and love for the beauty of the world around us. And my Dad’s looks…