Day 124 of 366: Fading Beauty

“Expectations hinder you from being prepared for the unexpected”

For a long time I wanted to photograph Holburn Viaduct. Many people walk past and don’t even notice the many beautiful architectural details it abounds with. However my plan changed when I noticed a vase with fading tulips. It was one of those unexpected finds that stopped me in my tracks and was very hard to ignore. The viaduct can wait for another day.

“But, instead of what our imagination makes us suppose and which we worthless try to discover, life gives us something that we could hardly imagine.”
Marcel Proust

Fading Beauty

Earlier on before I got to Holborn I looked up and admired the blues skies above. I thought that this would make a good photo of the day as it really summed up the sunny day in the city. However it seemed to me a bit ordinary compared to the beauty of fading flowers.

Blue Skies Above