Day 143 of 366: Watercolours

It was my first visit to Burnham Beeches. Just a spontaneous decision to explore this little woodland world full of magnificent trees. But not only that. Two ponds and a stream provided even more inspiration for my daily photos. Reflected colours of the trees, blue sky and earthy colours underneath, combined with the sunshine sparkles on the water surface – and the recipe for a happy moment was complete.


Wild Wood

“He led the way in under the huge branches of the trees. Old beyond guessing, they seemed. Great trailing beards of lichen hung from them, blowing and swaying in the breeze. Out of the shadows, the hobbits peeped, gazing back down the slope: little furtive figures that in the dim light looked like elf-children in the deeps of time peering out of the Wild Wood in wonder at their first Dawn.”

Fangorn Forest
J. R. Tolkien