Day 158 of 366: A Face with No Name

Tucked in the corner not far from Waterloo station there is a hidden street art tunnel. It is a playground for graffiti artists.

The area was first used by Banksy back in 2008 for an art display with the aim to “transform a dark forgotten filth pit” into “an oasis of beautiful art”. He kept the location a secret until the unveiling and since then it’s been a canvas for anyone with a paint can to come and dominate a space, although sadly it no longer lives up to its name of “The Banksy Tunnel” now that his work has been completely covered over. Fortunately sometimes you can still find little gems among simple scribbles and inscriptions.

A Face with No Name

…If you are still waiting for that special someone,
…To come along and change your life… take a look in the mirror.

An unknown Leake Street graffiti artist

Leake Street

I tried to hurry to the office, but some of the details along the Embankment were just asking to be captured. Fortunately it was still early enough so I had a bit of spare time to make a few more stops.

Morning Shadows