Day 165 of 366: Letters for Royal Mail

“To write is human, to receive a letter: Divine!”
Susan Lendroth

“I’ve always felt there is something sacred in a piece of paper that travels the earth from hand to hand, head to head, heart to heart.”
Robert Michael Pyle

A humble letterbox. A little placeholder for our dreams, hopes, confessions, loves or worries. Such a simple thing, and it can connect people across the continents. A place for old-fashioned handwritten conversations, now lost in modern day life. Our lives are so busy, hectic and distracting that we can’t find any time for writing a good old letter to let someone we hold close to our hearts know we are thinking of them. Instead we post meaningless messages on Facebook, we tweet, email or text using some made up shorthand language.

Nowadays we are said to be more connected to the people around us than ever before. But are we really? Aren’t we a little lost in this virtual world of social media? Don’t we feel more lonely? We write one message and in an instant we can reach a hundred recipients at the same time. But what is so special about that? How can an email or instant message replace the excitement from opening an envelope with a stamp from some exotic place, and reading the lines written by hand, with care, by someone who took the time for us. Just for us, and nobody else.

An ordinary letterbox. Connecting people. Halfway house between human beings. Such a shame that today it mostly carries junk mail.

Letters for Royal Mail