Day 183 of 366: Late Afternoon Stroll

Back to my favourite city – Prague. Growing up in then called Czechoslovakia I spent a lot of holidays in this magical city. Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, the city has been changing so much that I started to fear that all the little alleyways, cobbled streets and hidden corners that I know will soon vanish. So a couple of years ago I decided to capture what is still left from what I remember before it disappears completely. So when I thought about celebrating my birthday with one of my best Czech friends, inevitably it had to be Prague with a plan to arrive a couple of days earlier to be able to take a few more photos for my project.

I don’t normally like summer in the city, but late afternoon sun has its own magic. At least for a few moments, before the little alleyway is crowded with tourists on segways. One of those changes that I still cannot come to terms with.

Late Afternoon

Karlův most (Charles Bridge) and Kampa island have been my favourite places in Prague since I was a child. Though these days it is very hard to find a quiet moment on the bridge, my first steps always lead there. It is like a magnet for me.

On Charles Bridge

Prague Romance

My favourite time of the day in Prague is at night. That is the time when I can savour the romantic atmosphere while getting lost in the maze of quiet cobbled alleyways, only lit by soft yellow light of magical street lanterns. This is an experience never to be missed.