Day 189 of 366: Sweet Surprise

After I left Prague I carried on to Ostrava, my home town, where my Mum lives. A complete opposite to Prague. The prominent city skyline is lined with coal mines, steel works, chimneys and rows and rows of high rise concrete blocks of flats. It was going to be quite challenging 10 days.

My first steps led to the block of flats I grew up in. Things changed here too. Our old playground and sand pit were gone, the blocks had a new facade, the courtyard was overgrown with grass and the trees were much bigger and higher. Not much left of the feel I remember when I used to play there with my friends. Only memories remain. I didn’t even feel I wanted to capture what was left. Perhaps another time.

On my way back a little boy approached me with a big smile and a rose in his hand. I have no idea why I deserved such a beautiful gesture of kindness, but he made my day. The rose found its place in my Mum’s flat and it lasted almost until the end of my stay. Fortunately I still have the picture to remind me of the little encounter. Perhaps it happened for a reason. They do say that we don’t meet people by accident. Perhaps the little boy was there to remind me that “no act of kindness is ever wasted”, as the ancient Greek story teller Aesop once said.

“Be the reason someone believes in goodness of people”

Sweet Surprise