Day 224 of 366: Cafe with a View

I walk past this cafe almost every day on my way to work. It is a lovely space with a view of Blackfriars Bridge and the river Thames. It must be nice to be able to have a quiet moment there before the day starts. I take a picture instead and rush to the office. I never know what other pictures are waiting around to be taken, and don’t want to be late for work. Perhaps one day I will indulge myself, slow down for a few minutes, have a cup of morning tea and just enjoy the view.

Cafe with a View


“Dreams is so quick on the outside but long on the inside.”

This summer, the streets of London were transformed with magical giant Dream Jars to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and The BFG movie release.

These Dream Jars could only have belonged to The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant). Maybe he mislaid them during his night-time wanderings delivering wonderful dreams to sleeping children – or “chiddlers” as The BFG would say. Dream Jars are where The BFG keeps the good dreams that he mixes before he delivers them into “chiddlers” bedrooms using his giant dream trumpet. “Dreams is mysterious things” and range from nasty “trogglehumpers” to wonderful golden “phizzwizards”. But instead, the jars on The BFG Dream Jar Trail housed magnificent sculptures.

The BFG Dream Jar Trail brought to life the long-held dreams of celebrities and artists with Dream Jars across London and beyond over seven weeks this summer. Each of the 50 jars contained “splendiferous” sculptures based on dream stories from the likes of Steven Spielberg, Stephen Hawking, the Delevingne sisters and many more. You can learn more about each jar and the dreams that inspired our celebrity “dreamers” on the Visit London‘s website.

Most of the Dream Jars were auctioned to raise money for Save the Children with a selection also being sold to help the work of Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity.

Ryan’s Dream is the dream of artist Ryan McElhinney, who finds beauty where others see only discarded objects. He fashions distinctive, poignant sculptures from found toys and objects. When sculpting this Dream Jar, Ryan’s focus was on his dream of always protecting his young niece, and the preciousness of all children.

Ryan's Dream