Day 229 of 366: Smile in the Square Mile

From time to time you can see the Square Mile come alive with artistic installations, known as Sculpture in the City. I admit that I am not a big fan of modern art, and usually miss the point. There are two giant heads installed on Bishopsgate, near our office. There is a deep and meaningful interpretation of the artist’s intentions, suggesting that the “monolithic and ghost-like bronze forms resemble primordial totems, in particular the gigantic stone heads of Easter Island; and their mythic titles enhance this subtext of archaic pagan ritual”.

I think I missed the point again. To me they look like two giant egg heads, which can give you a break in a stressful working day in the City, and make you smile in the Square Mile. Obviously the lady in the picture didn’t feel the same way.

Smile in the Square Mile

Hand in Hand