Day 234 of 366: Alone

“Give it your very best every single day. And don’t be so hard on yourself come nightfall.”

WRDSMTH, street artist

I spent a great day with two photographer friends – Karen Hall and Vic Eaton. Before we headed off to London’s East End, we stopped by at Tate Modern, the former Bankside Power Station which was turned into a gallery. It is a wonderful space even if you don’t like modern art. The building itself provides some great opportunities for interesting photos.


Sunday in the City is a real joy. No rushing crowds trying to get to their offices. No heavy traffic. Hardly any noise. You can finally pause and take a picture without being pushed around. You can finally walk in a straight line without having to dodge people who thoughtlessly walk into you. You can finally enjoy and see the City at its best.

Vibrant Shoreditch is always a good value for the money. Especially on Sundays when its streets are more alive than any other time of the week. The weird and wonderfully dressed people wander around the rough area between Old Street, Brick Lane, Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street. The streets are packed with market stalls, ramshackle bars and independent shops. Much of the area maintains its original gritty, urban edge; many of the walls and shop fronts are plastered with graffiti. You wan’t find any suited and booted city workers here, or posh schools or luxurious houses with big gardens. But for many people the grime is all part of the appeal.

Happy Feet

Umbrella Girl