Day 256 of 366: This Seat is Taken

Another Monday morning. Just an ordinary start of the day. I got up earlier to take the first train out to London as I hoped for a sunrise by the river before the start of yet another working week. But the train was cancelled, and I was left to watch the sky turning pink, red and orange while sitting on the next one. Feeling sorry for myself I walked along the river as planned. Then I looked down to the riverbed and noticed a chair somebody left there. The tide was coming in, so I didn’t have much time. I climbed over the locked gate and walked down the steps. I just about managed to dodge the incoming tide, hoping that the water wouldn’t get into my shoes. I just didn’t get a chance to take the chair back where it belonged to. It was taken by the river, and who knows where it is now.

This Seat is Taken