Day 267 of 366: Behind the Locked Gate

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans.”
My Mum

I always laugh when my Mum uses this saying. However I wasn’t laughing on Friday morning. My plan was to get to Bushy Park before sunrise and wander through the misty morning until the sun rises and the magic disappears. To my disappointment the park was locked because of the cull. When I saw the sign and the mist almost boiling over the park walls I just wanted to cry. In desperation I shook the gate though I knew very well that the lock would not break. It briefly crossed my mind that I could try to climb over the wall. But that was just desperate times calling for desperate measures. First of all I am very clumsy and climbing over fences and walls was never one of my strengths. Second I really didn’t want to risk being caught, or even shot by a stray bullet.

In the end I had to let go. As they say “when one door closes, another opens”. So I went on a search for another door in nearby Hampton Court park. Unfortunately it was the same story. In the end I found a gate with a view, so I stood behind it and tried to capture the last of the remaining mist, which was slowly disappearing under the first warm sun rays.

Behind the Locked Gate

On my way back to the car I finally found an open door. Uncertain whether I can use it or not, I plucked up the courage and entered. In the distance I saw somebody walking towards me. When the lonely figure got closer I realised it was another photographer. We smiled at each other and shared our frustration with locked doors, when the lady realised that a week ago I was the speaker at the Richmond Camera Club. I was trying to encourage people to get up early in the morning and enjoy the first moments of the day. “Actually you are one of the reasons why I am here”, the lady said. I was so grateful for that one sentence. She really made my day. Knowing that somehow you inspired somebody is one of the best rewards you can get.

The unexpected and wonderful encounter also made me feel embarrassed. That’s because I also try to make people realise that there is no point in wanting to be somewhere else. That here is the best place and now is the best time, and we have to make most of what we are given. And here I was, getting upset because I couldn’t get into the misty park. Like it was the end of the world. In the meantime I was missing on moments equally as beautiful. On the other hand, if I hadn’t spent that time looking at the locked door, I would have never met that nice lady. So everything really does happen for a reason, and there is a happy ending to every story.

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
Alexander Graham Bell