Day 273 of 366: Docklands Dawn

I had a plan. I would get up at 4 am, take the first train to London, and go to Docklands to catch the blue hour. Then I changed my mind. It was supposed to rain, so I thought it might be a good idea to go to Piccadilly Circus for some colourful reflections. However things changed again. It didn’t rain, so back to the original plan. Then things changed again. The first train out was over half an hour late and the idea of getting to Docklands before sunrise was becoming more and more distant. But I tried nevertheless and took the first DLR train that pulled up at the platform. I just about managed to find a spot as the blue hour was about to end. Not the best place and not the best picture, but perhaps next time I will be more lucky. Or have a better plan B.
Docklands Dawn

Just before I got on the train back to the City to start my working day, I stopped once more. Docklands are a great source of inspiration, and one day I must dedicate more time to exploring the area properly.

Big Easy