Day 274 of 366: Water Way

On the last day of September I decided to celebrate finishing 9 months of my Photo a Day challenge by treating myself to the whole day trip to the coast. The high tide on the west coast coincided with sunrise, so decided to head for one of my favourite seaside towns, Weston-super-Mare. I was rewarded by a stunning blue hour moment. The 3 am start was definitely worth it. I could savour a quiet hour completely on my own.

Water Way

As the day unfolded I enjoyed the ever changing light that created some amazing views.

Seafood on the Seashore

At Low Tide

I was very lucky that the hide tide coincided with sunset as well. It was fun to try to capture the incoming waves washing over the beautiful rock ledges in Clevedon. Of course I didn’t stay dry. But that is a part of the whole package. Actually I would have been disappointed if my wellies didn’t fill up with sea water.

Where the Dusk Meets the Sea

“The most beautiful pier in England”
Sir John Betjeman

As Sir John Betjeman said, Clevedon pier must be the most beautiful pier in England. I couldn’t resist hanging around until the sunset time. I finished the day the way I started it – enjoying a moment of solitude in the magical blue hour.

“Clevedon without its pier would be a diamond with a flaw”
Sir John Betjeman


Beautiful iron pier of the silvery sea
All your numerous arches and pillars are so grand to me
And pagoda and legs which seem to the eye
To be almost reaching up to the sky.
The greatest wonder it must be
And a great beautification to the Severn Sea
Most beautiful may I boast
Near by Clevedon and the Somerset coast.

Mike Lord