Day 276 of 366: White Willows

A lovely morning in Windsor Park in a great company of my photographer friend Karen Hall. We arrived in the dark in anticipation of a beautiful sunrise in the sky and soft light in the autumnal woodland. Unfortunately the sky turned out to be void of any colour and the autumn was still holding back. However we had an enjoyable walk with some wonderful views despite the dull grey weather. The place holds a lot of beauty even without the autumnal colours and light.

White Willows

Unfortunately there were no sunrise colours in the sky, however the reflections in this little spot were hard to resist.

On the Lakeshore

Karen showed me some of her favourite trees and this one was one of the most beautiful. She named it after her tomcat Big Man when he died. In that way whenever she re-visits the park she can always remember her beloved companion.

Big Man's Tree

When we were just about to leave, we were rewarded with the light we were hoping for. Another morning to remember.

Woodland Light