Day 286 of 366: Sunset at Spanish Point

Spanish Point is not surprisingly one of the official stops on the Atlantic Way. It was named after the Spanish who died here in 1588, when many ships of the Spanish Armada were wrecked during stormy weather. Those who escaped from their sinking ships and made it safely to land were later executed. What a terrible fate.

The beach reminded me of Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset. The rocky ledges stretch into the sea and create a wonderful scene when the tide is right. When we arrived the tide was too low and still going out. We almost left as the light did not look very promising, but just before the sun set it found its way through the clouds and lit up the beach with beautifully soft colours. It just shows that it is never over until it is over.

Sunset at Spanish Point

One of the things that I love about mornings is that you never know what the day ahead will bring. It could be a spectacular sunrise like I experienced the day before, it could be a very grey day with no colours in the sky at all, or it could be a gentle splash of pastel tones. I love them all. I think there is always something beautiful in each and every morning.

Silent Waves

The Bridges of Ross is an area of spectacular cliffs, sheltered bays, rocky outcrops and the spectacular “bridge” across a rocky inlet. It is situated in quiet part of County Clare on Loop Head penninsula. Historically the Bridges of Ross referred to a trio of spectacular natural sea arches, two of which have since fallen into the sea. Today, even though only one bridge remains, the name persists in the plural.

The area is very understated and much less visited than some other tourist attractions like Cliffs of Moher. In my opinon it is much more spectacular as you can walk right in between the cliffs, onto the rocks and into some of the bays where you can enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a much more personal experience than just admiring views from the top of the cliffs.

In Dire StraitsBridges of Ross

Crossing the river Shannon on a ferry is one of the exciting parts of the Wild Atlantic Way. We left County Kerry behind and looked forward to exploring the next part – County Clare. Even the Tarbert power station looked quite interesting from the distance across the Shannon estuary.

Shannon Crossing