Day 287 of 366: Galway Jewels

The more north we were driving, the more spectacular the scenery was becoming. The magnificent Cliffs of Moher and 250 square kilometers of karst landscape in The Burren National Park are just a couple of main attractions on the way through County Clare. It was a shame that we had to rush to get to our next destinations and we didn’t see them in the best light. It is definitely an area worth exploring for more than just a couple of hours. Perhaps next time.

The weather was unbelievably beautiful and warm for this time of the year in Ireland, so when we arrived in Galway we couldn’t help but stop along the promenade, got delicious ice cream and enjoyed the views across the bay.

Galway Jewels

Coral Strand (also known as Tra an Doilin) is a very special place. There is no sand or pebbles, but when you walk on the beach you will feel sharp twig-like stones. Red coralline algae grow in Greatman’s Bay. When they die they lose their colour and break up into hard grey, white and brown pieces that are washed up on the beach. These remains are called maerl. And that is what you feel beneath your feet.

Maerl is only washed up on a few beaches in Ireland and it creates a unique and fragile habitat of high conservation value.

A wonderful place especially on a warm sunny evening, when you can take off your shoes and dip your feet into the shallow crystal clear ocean. Very precious.