Day 295 of 366: Crumbling Away

Our final day of exploring the last section of the Wild Atlantic Way. We had plenty of time so we could afford to have more and longer stops on the beautiful beaches of Inishowen peninsula. I was very lucky that the weather and tide were just perfect when we arrived on Shrove beach. I found this old pier perched on the rocks and crumbling away into the sea. It was quite a challenge to get to it and balance the tripod in between the rocky ledges, constantly watching the incoming tide and making sure I don’t get stuck just in case it gets too high. But I enjoyed every minute of it.

Crumbling Away

Our second destination, Kinnagoe Bay was a challenge for drivers. I was glad that Martin was driving because I am not sure how I would have coped with the steep track with a 180-degree bend descending down to the sea. But when we got to the end we were rewarded by a postcard-perfect stretch of sandy beach surrounded by a backdrop of impressive cliffs.

“Go on and fill your boots,” Martin said. “Make the drive worthwhile.” So I did. Literally. I was leaning against one of the rocks and when the first wave came and crashed against them, it took me with it. My wellies were full to the top. I felt like I was walking in space boots. From then on it just didn’t matter whether I got more wet. It couldn’t really get much worse.