Day 30 of 366: Bridge Shadows

I managed to get a break from the tax return and got out on Saturday morning. First I met a very talented photographer Ann Booth, whom I have known for a while from social media and whose work I have always admired. After very enjoyable couple of hours in Anna’s great company I decided to walk back home. It was such a beautiful sunny day. I couldn’t resist the long shadows the sun so kindly created.

Bridge Shadows

On my way back I also passed a cemetery which I always wanted to visit. I love cemeteries. It feels like the time stopped. Everything goes quiet. So quiet that you are afraid to disturb the peace by your own footsteps. The beautiful gravestones are reminders of past lives, dreams and hopes that are long gone and forgotten. Perhaps some remaining in the hearts and memories of those left behind…

Sorrow in Stone

“In the quiet space below, is laid out an aisle similar to those in any library. The gravestones are like rows of books bearing the names of those whose names have been blotted from the pages of life; who have been forgotten elsewhere but are remembered here.”
Dean Koontz