Day 33 of 366: Ici n’est pas là-bas (Here is not There)

Work again. Fortunately I found a nice distraction on the way to the office. Though I have known this spot for years, I only photographed it once in the past. This time I liked the lights that were on because it was still reasonably early in the morning. Unfortunately I managed to press the shutter only once before I was stopped by the security and told that I couldn’t use the tripod because I was on a private land. Apparently when you use a tripod it is for commercial purposes. But you can take pictures hand held, which would have been impossible for me then with such a long exposure.

Since when all the pictures taken on a tripod are only for commercial purposes, and hand held are just for fun??? Well, we all know the answer. The private land owners obviously don’t.

Anyway, I had one shot, one exposure. Better than nothing at all. I think it would make a nice night image, but I doubt I will dare to set up my tripod there again. They are like hawks there. And fast too.

Ici n'est pas là-bas

By the way the title was taken from an inscription on the boat. Ici n’est pas là-bas. Here is not there.