Day 359 of 366: In the Mist of the Day

Christmas Eve is our main day when we traditionally celebrate Christmas. During the day we would watch fairy tales on TV, decorate the Christmas tree, eat a lot of sweets, but no meat. In the evening the whole family would sit at the table and eat traditional Czech dinner – carp fried in breadcrumbs with potato salad. An opportunity to choke on many fine loose bones that carp has. Apparently it is the only fish that has random bones not attached to the spine. I call it “the revenge of the carp”. So if you survived the Christmas Eve dinner without a visit to an A&E, you could then open your presents and enjoy another fairy tale on TV.

Fortunately my Mum and I didn’t exactly follow the tradition. We were not at home, so TV was off for most of the day. Instead we had a lovely trip in a cable car, which took us high above the clouds, and I was even allowed not to have fish for dinner. And my best Christmas present was an hour spent walking through the winter fog that descended on us in the morning and stayed with us for most of the day.

In the Mist of the Day