Day 361 of 366: Snowdrift Shadows

It only took one night and the winter wonderland was gone. In the morning I ventured out for another quick walk before most of the snow melted under the warm sun rays. It was a different kind of wonderland. The one with bright blue skies and sunlight that makes everything sparkle like thousands little diamonds scattered on the ground. A dream world in which the silence is only broken by drops of water falling off tree branches heavy with melting snow. A quiet place in which the solid crunch underfoot while walking through deep, freshly fallen snow, fills the morning with a familiar sound without which winter would never be the same.

At the End of the Season

Frozen Autumn

On our lazy afternoon walk we came across a little chapel. The light inside was so beautiful. The quiet moment we enjoyed became my Mum’s favourite moment of the whole holiday. I am glad that we have something tangible to remind us of it in the years to come.

Light in the Chapel