Day 364 of 366: Hold Tenderly

“Hold tenderly that which you cherish”

Bob Alberti

Last day in my home town – just a short walk round town and back to spend the last few hours with my Mum. I really wanted to take a picture of her, but my Mum doesn’t like being photographed. So I asked her to hold our family photo, which we both treasure. It is a symbol of our family love and ties that will never be broken. Even when we are not physically together due to the distance or absence in our lives, we are together in our hearts.

Hold Tenderly

My lovely and loving Granny. Both My Mum and I miss her really badly. It has been far too many years since she left us, but we still can’t get used to her not being around. At least we have many beautiful memories of her to treasure.

Memories of Love

My Mum always has a red rose in her home. It is her favourite flower. She used to buy a real one, now she keeps a fake one to make the beauty more permanent. So I decided to bring it back to life and bought her a fresh rose. I know it will not last for long, but at least for a while it will fill my Mum’s home with sweet fragrance and graceful beauty.

With Thoughts of You

Just a little bit of fun before I left my home town. Not for long though. I will be back in a few months, so I have something to look forward to.