Day 366 of 366: Happy New Year

Finally the last day of the year in pictures. As we say in Czech “it was beautiful but it was enough”. Looking back I have no regrets. It got me out even when I didn’t exactly feel like it. It brought me some great moments, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, blue hours, misty mornings. It made me look around even more than before and see beauty in the mundane and ordinary. It made me see beauty every day, and for that I am grateful. That will stay with me even when I am not taking photographs.

However there were times when I wanted to quit really badly. It put a lot of strain not only on me but also on our everyday life, holidays, weekends. Martin has been so tolerant and supportive that if it existed I would nominate him for the Nobel Prize for Patience. But it doesn’t, so a big thank you is definitely in place. Thank you for all those days when he had to put up with me getting out and stopping doing other things just to take a photo of the day, or processing three weeks of pictures in one day, or writing about them on my website. Thank you for all those encouraging words: “don’t forget to take your daily picture”, “I won’t let you in the house if you don’t bring your picture”, “point your camera at anything, just don’t fail”, “you will finish it even if I have to take the picture myself”. They made me laugh and kept me going.

I also would like to thank to all those who followed my project and supported me all the way. It made a huge difference for me, and the encouragement made me carry on during hard times.

So here is to the New Year – free of all the “must do” pictures, full of happy moments and “can do” pictures.

Wishing you all a wonderful year, full of joy and happiness not only in your photography world but also in your real life. Look forward to seeing you around.

Happy New Year