Day 37 of 366: Starling Magic

I finally got an opportunity to go down the coast again. A sausage an egg bap on the beach while watching the waves wash over the shingle, a few photos of the iconic Brighton pier, getting too close and getting soaked in salt water as a result of it. All of this is my kind of joy. Add meeting up with a great photographer, and a lovely person Lorraine Heaysman to watch and hopefully capture the magic of starling murmurations, and you have a recipe for a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

A murmuration of starlings is an amazing sight – a swooping mass of thousands of birds whirling above your head and flying along the waves of the stormy seas  is a breathtaking experience. They form a fantastic acrobatic mass before roosting, creating different shapes in the sky. The whole spectacle happens just after dusk and is over in a few minutes. This was my first time, and only then I realised how challenging it is to capture it. Especially when the weather is not ideal. Nevertheless I am very happy that I finally witnessed it and brought back a little reminder. Not the finest image out there, but it was my first time. I will be back there again. I am sure of it.

Making Waves

Flying with the Surf

When being in Brighton it is hard to resist to take a picture or two of the iconic West Pier, which is slowly giving in to the powers of nature. It  is a shame that it will never be restored to its former glory, and one day it will disappear. Hopefully not too soon.

Before the Storm

After the sun went down, Lorraine and I went down to the beach to enjoy the wild sea in the last light of the blue hour. It was very hard to tear ourselves from the cameras and leave. Nice to share the obsession with the sea with people who understand how you feel.


Night Storm

“There is no better sound to hear than the sea, the wind, and the rain all at once at night.”