Day 54 of 366: Paint the City Red

There used to be a wonderful open space outside the National Theatre on the South Bank. Until they built this red structure in the middle of it. I thought it was going to be only temporary for one season, but it has been there for years. I still don’t know what it is for. Perhaps for some special performances in the summer. One day I will find out.

Still I do like red, and the little vintage van cafe is parked just in the right place. At least for now.

Paint the City Red

I do like abstract and simple compositions. It might not be to everybody’s taste, as I find out every time I point my camera at something very ordinary. When taking this picture I could see a man was hovering around and watching me until he popped the usual question: “Can I ask you why you are taking a picture of this?” Well, it is quite hard to explain, as it is such a personal thing. We all see and like different things, and we just might not understand other people’s ideas. There is nothing wrong with that though. If we all saw the same things and had the same opinions, our lives would be boring. Right?

In Case of Fire


What a beautiful morning! Winter sunlight, blue skies with a few white clouds, conditions that lend themselves for some interesting reflections.

Cathedral Reflected