Day 88 of 366: The Soft Crackle

Listening to music on vinyl has a certain ambience that cannot be achieved by digital recordings. The sound is much warmer and softer. It has a soul. There is a tactile quality to vinyl. It’s the whole ritual of pulling a record out of a sleeve, putting it on and carefully lowering down the needle so that it can glide along the grooves, and join the notes into beautiful sound waves. There is something wonderfully satisfying about putting on a record, listening to one side, and then flipping it over to hear the other side. And then there is the soft crackle, which somehow adds more depth to the sound. It’s perfectly imperfect.

“Yet love’s like a needle on a record, taking parts of you away as it draws sharply and constantly across the heart, in slow descending circles, just to hear a song hidden in the scratches one more time.”

Iain Thomas

The Soft Crackle