Mistresses of Light Exhibition

For the last few months Beata Moore and I have been very busy organising a group exhibition to bring together work of several emerging and established women landscape photographers. We called the exhibition “Mistresses of Light” to celebrate our constant affair with the light that turns an ordinary scene into something magical.

We are now getting close to the end of our preparations and are happy to be able to make an official announcement. The exhibition will take place in a prestigious gallery@OXO on London’s South Bank. It will be on from 9th to 13th September. Please see more details on the gallery@OXO website:

What’s On at gallery@OXO: Mistresses of Light


At the same time we would like to thank to all those who offered us help and will be there with us at the last stages. We would like to thank to Charlie Waite, one of the top UK landscape photographers, and a passionate supporter of all photographers out there, who offered us a sponsorship through his photography workshop and tour company Light and Land.

It has been a long journey that started more than a year ago. We are still not at the finish line, but we are much closer than a few months ago. It is a great opportunity for all of us to celebrate our love for photography by showing our work to the outside world. I can’t wait to see the final result, which I am sure will be worth all the effort that we have put into it. Hope to see you there.

Mistresses of Light Poster gallery@OXO

Mistresses of Light Poster © Image Copyright Linda Wevill

Press Release

Set in the heart of London, “Mistresses of Light” brings together a selection of evocative images in an exhibition celebrating the art of landscape photography created by emerging and established women artists.

The “Mistresses of Light” title reflects our constant fascination with the unsurpassed light in the natural world and our perpetual effort to capture it.

The images displayed reveal an emotive quality in landscapes, which brings with it a unique representation and style. The diverse manifestations are a key factor that enriches and cements the exhibition. The striking set of evocative photographs explores the traditional and modern genres.

Exploring landscapes and pushing the boundaries of classic and progressive photography has resulted in an inspiring exhibition of traditional film work alongside digitally enhanced imagery. This ambitious exhibition not only presents personal takes on landscapes, it also emphasises the importance of photography in contemporary art.

Contributing Photographers

Sue Bishop

Susan Brown

Karen Frenkel

Charlotte Gilliatt

Cheryl Hamer

Deborah Hughes

Marianthi Lainas

Sarah Medway

Beata Moore

Vanda Ralevska

Rachael Talibart

Linda Wevill