On Landscape Magazine: End Frame Feature

End Frame feature in the On Landscape magazine is dedicated to photographers’ favourite images which they were inspired by or have a close connection to. When Charlotte, the magazine’s editor asked me to write about mine, I was very happy to accept the challenge. And it definitely was a challenge as I found out when I started even thinking about it. You can read more either on the magazine’s website, or in the file below.

End Frame: Evening on Charles Bridge by Josef Sudek


By a sheer coincidence the article came out while I was actually in Prague, enjoying the views that I have enjoyed since my childhood. The only wish I had was to see Prague the way Josef Sudek did. The city has changed so much even in my life, so it became very hard to remember what it was like to spend a quiet evening on Charles Bridge with no tourists around. There is still a slight chance of avoiding crowds. If you get up early in the morning during “quieter” months, though even that chance is quickly disappearing. I spent a few mornings searching for my peaceful moment, and as a result of that I captured the picture below. Not as stunning as Josef Sudek’s, but it was a privilege for me to be able to stand in the same spot as he did more than 70 years ago and enjoy the timeless beauty of this charming city. I dedicate this picture to Josef Sudek, who is my hero, not only in photographic sense but also in real life.

Morning on Charles Bridge