Slowing Down

Long exposures have become very fashionable in photography these days. We are constantly bombarded by images of smoothed down water, blurred skies with streaks of clouds, light trails, and similar effects.

Though I have never liked going with the fashion flow, I have got to love this technique over the past few years. The reason is very straightforward. I have always loved creating images that convey simplicity and tranquility. It is the silent moments when I feel happiest. When everything slows down, you can actually pause, and enjoy the experience of being out there, capturing the moment in time. Your mind stops racing, and you can fully concentrate on the beauty that is surrounding you. While you are waiting for the camera to capture your image, you can watch the clouds moving across the stormy skies. You can observe the shafts of light getting through those clouds and illuminating the landscape around. You can see the shore slowly disappearing under the rushing waves, and listen to the sea rolling over the pebbles on the beach. You can feel the wind in your face, and taste the sea salt on your lips…

These moments are priceless. For occasions like these it is even worth using a popular technique. You can still create your own unique images. Ultimately, it is not about the tools you use, but about the way you see and experience the world.

Stillness After The Rain I

Into The Distance

Past Glory
End Of The RoadGuarding The Sea

Brighton Moments

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