Vision Five Exhibition

“But, instead of what our imagination makes us suppose and which we worthless try to discover, life gives us something that we could hardly imagine.”
Marcel Proust

In the past I would not dare to think that I could ever display my work at one of the most prestigious gallery in London. So when the opportunity to organise the Mistresses of Light exhibition became reality, I thought it was a dream come true. It never crossed my mind that I could get another chance, and so soon after the first one. However as they say, life is full of surprises. The opportunity has come up and five of us are back at the gallery@OXO on London’s South Bank at the end of this month. It will be on from the 28th October until the 1st November. Please see more details on the gallery@OXO website:

What’s on at gallery@OXO: Vision Five



As I have a great passion for landscapes, the coast in particular, one of the sets I have chosen for the Vision Five exhibition consists of seascape images taken in England.

In my pictures I strive to capture the essence of the sea and its shoreline. I love the experience of standing on the shore, taking in the moments defined by ever-changing weather conditions, times of the day and running tides. It makes me feel alive and gives me a sense of freedom. It is an emotional as well as a physical experience; the sound of the shingle when the the waves retreat, the wind, the sea spray and the taste of salt, the surf pounding, the seagulls crying, the light reflecting on the lapping waves. My images are based on my emotional response to this experience.


Into the Storm


Because I live and work in London I don’t get a chance to drive down to the coast as often as I would like to. However I have always believed that there is beauty to be found everywhere and in any weather conditions, even in the city in the rain. Therefore for the second Vision Five set I have chosen images from my project When it Rains.

When living in England you need to adapt to the changeable and sometimes fickle weather, including more than an occasional rain shower. I find endless opportunities for capturing images in wet weather; reflections, colours, abstracts, stormy light. Streets come alive with colourful umbrellas, pavements fill up with reflective puddles, windows and glass panes are covered with raindrops, and colours are much brighter and more intense. The light just before or after the rain can often be spectacular. I get very excited about every rainy day, which paints a unique canvas for capturing transient moments in time that may never be repeated.


It's Raining Leaves


Press Release

Five photographers, five visions of the world that surrounds us. Despite the diversity of the subject matter and their individual interpretations, the artists are connected by one aim – to look beyond the literal representation and capture the essence of the chosen subject.

The exhibition provides a seamless journey through the beauty of the natural and human made world with its variety of colours, ever changing light and extraordinary atmosphere.

Contributing Photographers

Sue Bishop

Charlotte Gilliatt

Beata Moore

Vanda Ralevska

Linda Wevill