As The Water Falls

With what deep murmurs through time’s silent stealth
Doth thy transparent, cool, and wat’ry wealth
Here flowing fall,
And chide, and call,
As if his liquid, loose retinue stay’d
Ling’ring, and were of this steep place afraid;
The common pass
Where, clear as glass,
All must descend
Not to an end,
But quicken’d by this deep and rocky grave,
Rise to a longer course more bright and brave…

Henry Vaughan
from The Water-fall

A few weeks ago I had a great opportunity to spend a weekend in a beautiful area of south Wales, Brecon Beacons National Park. It is an area of stunning beauty, offering walks along some most dramatic waterfalls. I did not do any research before we left, as I wanted to experience it in my own way. No planning would ever prepare me for the wonders hidden deep in the river valley anyway. It is one of those places where words or pictures are just not enough to show its real, breathtaking beauty. But you can always try…

As The Water Falls I

Beside The Waterfall

Falling Down

In The Rock Pool I

As The Water Falls II

First Sign Of Autumn

Under The Water Flow

Floating ByOak LeavesReflecting On AutumnRiver SwirlScatteredThe River Stones

In The Rock Pool II