Day 100 of 366: Caught in the Hailstorm

Another day exploring the beauty of Devon.

I find woodland quite difficult to photograph as the forest floor can get very messy. So I concentrated on details. In the meantime it started to get extremely cold and a few minutes later I was surprised by a downpour of hailstones. Exactly what I needed to capture these beautiful trees. A few minutes later the sun chased away all the clouds and melted the ice. How I love the April weather!

Caught in the Hailstorm

We tried to pack as much as we could into one day, a couple of hours by a river and the rest of the afternoon on a beach. There was so much to see and photograph that by the end of the day we made a joint decision to skip the sunset and treat ourselves with a nice dinner in a pub. Something we would have never done in the past. I suppose there is first time for everything. You have to get your priorities right…