Day 107 of 366: Swept by Morning Rain

Second day in Somerset I decided to get up for my favourite time of the day – the blue hour, and head to the coast. I knew that the tide is going to be low, but was hoping for finding something that would catch my eye. The blue hour was stunning, but I somehow failed to capture it. Then it started to rain really heavily and as it was after the sunrise by that time, I packed up all the wet equipment and started to head off back to the car. One more look back, and I immediately regretted my decision. The light suddenly changed, the sky was painted with beautifully soft colours which I just couldn’t resist. All the equipment came out again, and I just managed to capture the last of the colours. Then everything changed again, the rain moved over the headland, the skies turned stormy steel colours and the sun just managed to get a few sun rays through the thick clouds.

So if you ever think that the light has gone and the rain will not stop. Think again.

Swept by Morning Rain