Day 156 of 366: Key to My Refuge

I always wanted to explore the area of Romney Marsh in Kent. Especially around the famous Fairfield Church St Thomas à Becket. The church stands alone in a field on the marsh and most of the time is surrounded by water. There is a causeway that makes it easy to get to it when the marsh is flooded in spring and winter.

The church is dedicated to St Thomas à Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his murder in 1170. It has gone through many changes since, but when you step inside it feels like going back in time. Once you close the heavy old door behind you, everything goes peaceful. The silence is only broken by the muffled sound of the wind. There you can enjoy a few moments on your own with no disruptions from the outside world. It is a truly evocative feeling.

Key to My Refuge

A Touch of Rose

Alone on the Marsh

I can never resist the call of the sea. Especially when I am close by. So I decided to stop on a nearby beach to soak in a little of sea air.

There is a solemn beauty about the empty beaches, when winter is long gone and summer still has not arrived. They are like abandoned playgrounds, waiting in hope that their silence will yet again be broken by the happy sounds of music and laughter.