Day 157 of 366: Ladybird Wishes

Every year Richmond Borough Council plants a wild flower meadow near where we live. Every year the bank of the river Crane becomes alive with beautiful bright colours where I always find a lot of happiness. This time I finally found a ladybird that stood still for a while and let me capture its beauty.

I have always loved ladybirds, they are my favourite creatures. I never knew exactly why, perhaps it is their pretty little black dots on their shiny red wings. But today I have found out what it means to love these cute bugs:

“You know that inner happiness is the most rewarding of all things beyond measure. You delight in the small things, you have the heart of a child and have childlike wonder for all things in nature. You have found your way, the way that is uniquely yours, you have found how to be happy all by yourself without the distractions of unhealthy relationships or work environments. When you have found your full power you will spread your wings and bring blessings and hope to others. You believe in the magic of the Universe, you believe in magic just like a child.”

I do believe in magic and inner happiness, and in a sense of wonder, and somewhere deep inside I am still like a little child. I just have to work on the rest.

Enjoy your summer days and “have the heart of a child and… just believe”.

Ladybird Wishes

A small speckled visitor
Wearing a crimson cape
Brighter than a cherry
Smaller than a grape
A polka-dotted someone
Walking on my wall
A black-hooded lady
In a scarlet shawl.

Joan Walsh Anglund

The Daisies

In the scented bud of the morning – O,
When the windy grass went rippling far,
I saw my dear one walking slow,
In the field where the daisies are.

We did not laugh and we did not speak
As we wandered happily to and fro;
I kissed my dear on either cheek,
In the bud of the morning – O.

A lark sang up from the breezy land,
A lark sang down from a cloud afar,
And she and I went hand in hand
In the field where the daisies are.

James Stephens


Take me where the wild flowers are…