Day 22 of 366: Behind the Mask

There is no better place than a garden centre on a rainy winter day. After taking a few photos of lovely primroses they had on display I noticed this detail on the way back to the car. Sometimes even a car park is full of surprises.

Behind the Mask

I also took a few pictures in the garden centre. It is a great source of inspiration. Although winter is a little less abundant in flowers, there are many other details that are worth capturing.

Before I ventured out I had a hospital appointment, and on the way back I noticed a beautiful tree in bloom in the car park. So unusual for January. It stood out on this grey and rainy day.

Spring in January

Considering that I didn’t intend to spend a lot of time on photography, the morning was full of surprises that were hard to resist. As the rain stopped the water drops were still clinging to the winter branches, like little gems. Gems of nature…

After the Rain