Day 269 of 366: Last of the Summer Flowers

We have enjoyed a lot of sunshine this year even though the summer is slowly sliding towards the autumn. The flowers are fading, the leaves are changing their colour and falling softly to the ground. But who says the show is over? The best is yet to come. Before the autumn paints the land with its magnificent colours, we can still enjoy the last few flowers that are going down in a blaze of glory. Like these marigolds, a symbol of joy, the “herb of sun”. Their bright reds, oranges and yellows light up our garden for the last time this year before the summer is truly over. In the meantime we can enjoy warm afternoons when the sun heats up just enough to make us feel that the winter is still far away.

Last of the Summer Flowers

The Marigold Flower’s Message:
“Even the humblest creations contain their own special beauty to share with the world. Just like the sun returns in full each summer and hides away in the winter, you must find your own balance between shining and keeping your light under wraps.”