Day 76 of 366: From Down Under

The Millennium Bridge is a steel suspension bridge designed by the architect Sir Norman Foster with sculptor Sir Anthony Caro. They predicted it would be a “blade of light” across the Thames, “an absolute statement of our capabilities at the beginning of the 21st century”.

Unfortunately the result wasn’t exactly as they expected. When the bridge first opened in 2000 between 80,000 and 100,000 people turned up to make the initial journey, which caused an unexpected excessive swaying. This gave rise to its less flattering nickname “The Wobbly Bridge”. It was closed two days later for two years.

However it wasn’t a total flop in the end. It is a beautiful piece of engineering and it did become one of London’s landmarks. When you walk across it towards St. Paul’s Cathedral you can admire the stunning view that Christopher Wren had when crossing the river on his way to work, when building his masterpiece. And the wobble just adds that final touch to your imagination.

From Down Under