Day 80 of 366: Winter Blues

A day of an inspiring meeting with our LCUK (Landscape Collective UK) group in Lyme Regis. We meet every two months at The Cobb to discuss all things photography and our recent work. A great way of getting feedback in person, and inspiring to see other people’s work in print. It is a long way to go for me for a day, so I don’t always get a chance to take photographs. This time I managed to take a couple before and a few after. I loved the stormy weather. Perfect for long exposure, which I love so much.

Winter Blues

The English coast in winter breathes melancholy. There is a solemn beauty about deserted beaches. The desolate shore patiently waits through the storms, full of hope for the golden days of sunlight. There is a feel of nostalgia when walking along the winter promenade under the stormy clouds threatening to burst into thousands of raindrops. It’s the solitude that I enjoy most. The silence that is only broken by to the sound of crashing waves and crying seagulls.

Broken Chain