Day 90 of 366: Keep Walking into the Light

I love mornings. It’s my quiet time before the working day starts. The best time to find light at the end of the tunnel.

“Sometimes it’s the darkness that makes the light magical.”

Keep Walking into the Light

It gets harder these days to capture street life, especially in the city on the way to work. Everybody is on their phone or tablet, locked up in their own world, and not really communicating with one another.

Communication Breakdown

Back to beautiful warm spring light. It can turn an ordinary street scene into something quite special.

Spring Light in the City

While I was taking the previous picture, I could feel that somebody was watching me. Then suddenly I could hear a voice behind me: “You should be taking pictures of old war veterans like me”. It was a Big Issue seller. His name was Steve and he was a very nice man. I must admit I enjoyed our little banter. I was actually quite grateful he posed for me. I am normally quite shy to ask strangers if I could take a picture of them, but I do love capturing people, especially when they relax and are natural. So it was a nice treat. And of course I did buy the Big Issue from him.

One last picture before I headed off to work. It made me smile, so I couldn’t possible just leave without making the memory last.

No Waiting for a Smile