Day 99 of 366: Harbour Light

I had a great weekend in Devon with my friends and brilliant photographers Linda Wevill and Sue Bishop. We enjoyed some time exploring the coast of south Devon where Linda lives. We went to some amazing locations and enjoyed real April weather from rain, hail storms to blazing sunshine.

This is my favourite picture from our first night out with the camera. It was pouring down with rain, but I still couldn’t resist the blue hour – my favourite time of the day.

Harbour Light

A little bit earlier we spent some time battling the elements on a stormy beach. The rain just kept coming, the wind was driving it straight into the lens so I couldn’t clean the filter fast enough. But still there were a couple with just a few rain drops to clean up in Photoshop. What a great evening! Never mind being swept by a freak wave, wet and cold. That is a part of the fun.