Morning Magic

The early morning hours are my favourite time of the day. Everything is so peaceful, so quiet. I truly enjoy the time of silence, when the world around is still asleep, and the light is slowly making its way through the night. These are the times when all the magic happens. The day is slowly getting brighter, the midnight blue turns to lighter blue; and then, for a little while a burst of brilliant colours seeps through the skies above, and all around. Those times do not last for long, and very often turn into a dull grey day. However I am always grateful for the fleeting moments of morning magic that always make my day a very special one…

Waking Up From A Dream

New Hope

Lonely Willow

Blue Veil


Through The Misty Veil

Morning Magic

Sunrise Jewels

Morning Glide

Morning Encounter

The Way Of Light

Swan's Pond

Drifting Through The Morning

Pond Reflection

In The Quiet Morning

Morning By The PondMirror Pond

As The Mist Falls

On Golden Pond

Take A Seat