On Landscape Magazine: Featured Photographer

“Vanda Ralevska is as unstinting in her enthusiasm and encouragement for her fellow photographers as she is in her own passion for creating images. Despite being a talented wedding and portrait photographer, she has chosen to concentrate on landscape photography. If there is a hill or mountain in the UK that she hasn’t climbed or an area of coast yet to be walked, you can rest assured that they are probably on her list.
At times it is easy to forget how much our own experiences of the landscape may have changed over a period of years. I remember being struck by a series of images that Vanda included in a blog about her time in Czechoslovakia – even here, amid the despoliation, she had found interest and colour, so I started by asking Vanda if this early experience had been influential.”

Michéla Griffith

 A few weeks ago I had a wonderful opportunity to talk about my passion in On Landscape, an online magazine dedicated to landscape photography. It was a lovely experience, which was made even more enjoyable by Michéla Griffith, who gave me the chance to be featured, and who carried out the interview. Michéla’s regular interviews aim to increase awareness of and encourage women landscape photographers in general. She puts a lot of effort into getting to know the people she talks to, and she has a gift to put them at ease by asking the right questions. So far she has featured several extremely talented ladies, whose work I am a big fan of: Marianthi Lainas, Claudia Muller, Valda Bailey and Valerie Millett. You can subscribe for free to read their interviews and see their inspiring images.

Michéla is not only my friend, whom I met through our Landscapes by Women group, but also an amazing photographer and artist. I have always admired her vision and ability to see the details that other people walk by without noticing. I find her Streamscapes portfolio most inspiring. Her images are first of all about light and water, a combination of colours and textures, where the border between photography and painting almost disappears.

If you would like to see Michéla’s beautiful work, please follow this link and visit her website.

If you would like to read my interview, please scroll through the magazine excerpt below, download the pdf or use the link to the magazine’s online version.

Featured Photographer: Vanda Ralevska – Interview by Michéla Griffith